tuition fees

Dear Mr/Mme ,

My name is Joel Elvis. I’m from Ivory Coast. I am currently in India pursuing my last semester of bachelor’s program. I have received the admission to do my Master program in UK(coventry university), but I am stuck as I don’t have enough money to join the university. I have come here as my last resort. Please help me!

I have to pay the first installment tuition fee of £4000 and another £4000 as deposit (4000*2) .  My sponsor and I can barely make for one deposit £4000 , she is lost her business due to the outbreak. My mother tried to get some help from banks but no luck!  Though my parents support me mentally, they are unable to help me financially. It all started when my father had a back surgery after my twelve grade and lost his legs and his job . He is been on a wheelchair ever since. Hence, my mother has become the breadwinner of the family . She has been struggling to help me and my 3 siblings. I discontinued my Bachelor’s due to financial crisis in 2015 and went to help my mother. Even then I didn’t give up on my goal, I took some jobs in my country and saved money for Bachelor’s and with some help I have manage till now for my bachelor coming in India. Its’s been a hard road but I have managed to survive till now. However, I am stranded in another country where I cant work with student visa. With outbreak happened my support from Ivory Coast has also ended. I have come here hoping to get support.

Thank you for taking time to read! May our lord bless and keep everyone save. thank you .