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Street Children (Almajri) are believed to be, those children who are homeless or sent from their home to seek for alms on the street, mostly in the northern part of Nigeria, but are usually seen to be going about begging for alms and food including clothes, shoes and other useful materials. No one is taking care of them. They source for the own things by their selves. The state of things with the destitute kids in the northern part of Nigeria has gotten to a delicate juncture such that, if no adequate measure is taken, those kids will be exposed to insurgency. Everyone neglect those children.

This foundation is set out to scheme a plan to give these children a new beginning and improves the lives of children living in poverty by providing skill acquisition for the children, introducing their families to business ideas, the foundation allows them to lead happier, healthier lives in less danger of falling into poverty, support them to acquire the education at ease by partnering with businesses, governments, nonprofits, and other organizations.

Mission Statement

Changing the live of the people at mortal hazard, give them and their future age a beneficial future and everlasting expectation.

Getting the children would be the next line of action. These children do not just roam the cities, they inhabit without having a place to rest their heads. Based on the research made, every child (Almajiri) reports to his tutor twice or thrice daily (Morning, Afternoon and Evening) for their studies.

Survey was conducted to understand their future interest for the children between the ages of seven years old above.

We planned to organize skills acquisition training for them in:

Tailoring and Fashion Design

Welding and Fabrication
Computer skill

Sachet water hawking
Miscellaneous hawking

So that, they will be able to feed themselves.

They were examined by answering our technical questions as to decide for them what would suit them the most.

Their sponsorship program would be done in batches, as their teachers will be their genie source to seek full permissions. The information gotten will be properly sorted into mutual groups.

The foundation sends out her officials to scout for vocational centre that have impressive pedigree on the chosen fields so as to ensure that the children are handed over to competent hands. Those that are interested in formal education will also be enrolled in institutions accordingly.

Furthermore, having reputable vocational training centre, time frame is set for the program. Two month is ok for all programs due to cost of program. The trainees will be able to stand on their own if provided with the basic equipments of the profession.

The population of the trainee will be determined by the foundation. The classes are shredded into various sessions: morning, afternoon and evening to make work enjoyable and easy for both the mentor and the trainee.

Provision will be made for daily report from the mentor and the foundation official to ensure that the trainees are catching on in their various fields of choice.

There will be provision for the purchase of basic equipment in order to empower them on their various skills. All successful trainees will be equipped in groups at the end of the program.



Stay Blessed.

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