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Helplifedonation.com is online fundraising website that allows you to accept donations online.

Simple Steps to Start Fundraising donation Campaign

* Create an account by registering
* Tell your stories
* Share your page to social media such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc.
* Add pictures to your fundraising donation campaign
* Accept donation online through PayPal.

Accept donations online with helplifedonation, the worlds best fundraising website to raise money! Get started today.

Helplifedonation is an easy way to accept donation online. One simple button lets you create fundraising donation campaign and accept donations in about 10 minutes.

Sharing your page to social media as a donation strategy can attract new donors. Create excitement and draw attention to your fundraising campaigns on social media and email marketing. You can also link your payment page to Facebook, Twitter, and email marketing, allowing you to not only spread the word about your cause but also get donations at the same time.

You can use Helplifedonation to:

Accept Recurring Donations Online
Run Child Sponsorship and other similar programs
Fundraise for Online Capital Campaigns
Helplifedonation website helps you grow your nonprofit and allowing you to focus on your passion – furthering your mission. As society becomes more and more technological, and digital media continue to dominate our communications, online donation is becoming the preferred method for raising money fast. Starting to accept donations online (if you’re not already doing so) will help you to increase your funding and better support your charities work.

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